About Antonia Peña and dblanco

I am from Galicia (Spain) and I have been a professional photographer since 2000, having built my business in Madrid, and now I am a well established London Photographer and a prominent fashion and food photographer. I am an internationally published photographer, with previous clients including: Amanda Wakeley London Couture Designer, GQ Magazine, Spain Gourmetour Magazine, Vanessa Kandiyoti Jewerly, Touché by Flavien, Hoss Intropia, Royal National Ballet, BMW, Miele, Pepsico and so on.


At present I am also photographer for prestigious London designer brand Amanda Wakeley Bridal Boutique and Womenswear.


You can learn more about me at my Fashion and Food Photography web Site:



I have a long record in the fashion industry, media hype and author photography. I started my artistic career by doing selfportraits and becoming an artist of Dolores de Sierra Gallery in Madrid, holding exhibitions worldwide (TIAF Toronto (Canada) 2005, Manage Museum (Russia) 2005, Art Fair “DEARTE” Palacio de Congresos de Madrid Cultural Center, Madrid (Spain) 2008, "Re-Género" exhibition at Cultural Center of Spain in Lima (Peru) 2009…) and Spain main cities.


"dblanco" ("de blanco") is Spanish for "in white", referring to the traditional colour of the bride's wedding dress.


I love life and love what I do. I always feel lucky to be a wedding photographer and to be part of a couple’s very special day and I exclusively photograph each and every wedding personally.


I like to approach to photography in a natural and spontaneous way; as well as capturing the day naturally as it unfolds, I will follow every small detail, shooting all that happens, documenting the day with minimal intervention allowing you more time to have fun, which is after all what the day is about!


I always generate a personalised relationship with every client, considering that every couple is unique. To be involved in someone's wedding day is an absolute privilege.

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